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Professional Negligence

What can you do when the people who were supposed to help you let you down?

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In life we require the help of professionals, often this can be for financial, technical or legal transaction. Unfortunately, these don’t always go smoothly and through no fault of your own you can lose an opportunity or be left substantial out of pocket. While mistakes can happen, our specialist panel of solicitors are there to help when professionals fall far below the standards we expect of them acting negligently or outside the common practices in that field causing loss to you.

Our Solicitors Specialise In:

  • Solicitor Negligence – Such as missed time limits
  • Financial Negligence – Such as pension or investment mis advice
  • Technical Negligence – Such as architect or surveyors’ errors
  • Insurance Negligence – Such as failing to inform or cover a risk

You Can Make a Claim If:

  • If the negligence occurred in the last 6 years
  • The profession acted in a way which was outside or against the common standards of that profession


  • The professional acted differently to the other professional in that area
  • You have suffered financial loss or lost an opportunity to make a claim or transaction

If this has happened to you, please fill in our contact form and one of our specialists will review your claim free of charge.

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