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Japanese Knotweed

Is Japanese Knotweed stopping you from buying or selling a property?

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Currently in the UK there is a serious problem with Japanese Knotweed impacting people’s homes and properties. This can have a number of impacts on the owners, not only can it cause damage to the properties it spreads onto, but it can then affect the purchase or sale of the land with mortgage companies refusing to consider properties with Japanese Knotweed on it.

We are regularly contacted by people who have encountered Japanese Knotweed on their property which has come through from adjacent land such as waterways and railways.

  • Claims for damage to property from Japanese Knotweed
  • Loss of value in properties
  • The specialist removal of Japanese Knotweed
  • Obtaining guarantees or the removal to ensure sales of property can be progressed
  • You have discovered Knotweed on your property
  • It appears to have come from a neighbouring property such as a Railway, Waterway or public footway

If you have discovered Knotweed on your property, please fill in our contact form and one of our specialists will review your claim free of charge.

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